Our food-loving founder Stephen Caldwell fell in love with Rösti® in his travels and brought this yummy Swiss tradition back home. He and his wife Lory have been perfecting the recipe and serving them to family and friends ever since. Because nothing’s better than sharing simple, healthful ingredients, savory flavors, and great conversation with the folks we love. We hope you Find Your Crispy in one of the Rösti® flavors!


While traveling abroad for work, Stephen tasted a Swiss Rösti for the first time and immediately fell in love with it. Stephen, a foodie and amateur chef, experimented for 5 years. He tested and innovated with potatoes and fillings with his family and friends receiving the inevitable “wow, that is delicious”. Stephen realized he had to spread the love across America. The Caldwell family have taken the classic recipe and modernized it with contemporary preparation techniques, spices and fillings to bring something totally new to the marketplace.

This hand-held crispy filled potato snack has a unique history dating all the way back to the early 1800’s in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland where they originated as peasant food. The story goes: Wives would shred potatoes each morning, fill them with supper leftovers from the night before and fry on both sides till the potato exterior was crispy. Men would eat them, head out to work in the fields for the day and return home for supper.

Preserving this history while embracing innovation and American favorite preferences. Made from simple, healthful ingredients, Rösti is vegetarian, gluten-free, low cholesterol and each one is 100 calories or less! Since launching in Fall of 2019, we have received interest from thousands of stores and even received Dave Venable’s much sought after “Happy Dance” on QVC and continue to air on a recurring basis.

Which flavor will you try –the classic Baked Potato, the ooey gooey Swiss Raclette, or the Zesty Chili Cheese? Find Your Crispy at a store near you – check out our store locator.